Great for professional, commercial or home installation

Network Installation Tool Kit with Cable Tester

  • Cable tester for UTP/STP/BNC
  • Crimp tool for 6P/8P plugs
  • Punch down tool for 110 type terminal blocks
  • UTP/STP stripper and flat cable cutter
  • Industrial cable cutter
  • 6 each 8P8C and 6P6C connectors and carrying case

The TK-5 professional network tool kit includes:

  • UTP/STP/BNC cable tester
  • #686R crimper for 6P/8P plugs
  • #110A punch down tool for 110 type terminal blocks
  • #110B punch down blade
  • #7500B UTP/STP flat cable stripper & cutter
  • #501 cable cutter
  • 6 pcs 8P8C and 6 pcs 6P6C

Ready for a professional commercial or home installation. This kit is ideal for CAT3/5 networking installation and comes with a rugged ABS portable case for durability.

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