For audio surveillance in busy places

High-Fidelity Low Noise Microphone

  • Automatic gain control (AGC) circuit
  • Low noise, high fidelity
  • Power polarity protection circuit
  • Easy installation
  • Monitoring scope: 262 sq feet of coverage
  • Voltage: linear power supply (transformer) DC 9-12V
  • Connecting mode: red (DC) white (RCA)

This professional high-fidelity low noise microphone is a great accessory to your audio surveillance system. Its low-noise high fidelity profile means it’s ideal for high-traffic areas such as schools, banks, and factories, with an output impedance of 600 ohm and a frequency range of 100-100KHZ. The monitoring scope reaches 262 sq ft.

Easy to install, this microphone can be used with both video recorders and IP cameras.

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